Happy to share my professional portfolio with you.

Settle in and get to know a bit more about me, personally and professionally.

On the personal side, I am passionate about traveling. The picture with the waterfall is me and my family in Iceland. The picture in the circle is from our trip to Italy.




I’m based on Long Island.

I am an experienced and expert senior business analyst. I have extensive and deep experience with large teams in multiple roles, across geographic boundaries, across/within heavily matrixed and complex organizations. I have regularly facilitated large groups to attain complex goals with differing/shifting priorities and resources.

I have extensive and broad experience in operations management and optimization. I have extensive P&L and business modeling experience. I have managed budgets from $2M to $17M and handled as many as 600 projects in one calendar year, with 40-50 projects running simultaneously.

I have deep HR experience. I'm known for my leadership and mentoring skills. I am an expert at staff management, and have considerable experience with incredibly large teams with multiple diverse roles across different geos. I am sought out as an expert when it comes to giving feedback, onboarding and training, and employee engagement. I have taught executives and new/experienced managers to be more effective.

I am an expert in strategy; digital marketing; user experience; web development; process creation and reengineering; engagement economics, and Design Thinking. I am a long-time practitioner of Agile methods, having had different Scrum roles as well as Scrum of Scrums leadership.

I'm also proud of my other superpowers: creativity, consulting, negotiating, and collaborating. 



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